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When you choose a business to take care of your reticulation and turf you want to know the job will be done well and that you won’t have to worry. You also want to pay a fair price and have excellent follow up service.

At Brighton Reticulation and Turf we believe we meet all these criteria.

On our main website is a ‘why choose us‘ page, or you can go here for an independent review.

We guarantee excellent work, using top quality parts and a genuine warranty where we will seek to remedy any problems within 48 hours.  In regard to price we are generally mid range as we won’t do cheap/half jobs and quality always takes a little longer. With that said we are always willing to compete where comparable parts are being used and comparable service is being offered.

Recently I was asked to quote on a full reticulation installation and given a specific price to beat. The other contractor’s price was $1350.00 but mine turned out to be $1800.00 (with a substantial discount) . This was as low as I could go and still do a quality job. I have no idea how the other guy was going to do it for $1350.00, but I knew I couldn’t do it for that.

I figured the difference of $450.00 might have lost me the work, but it turned out that I got the job. I know price matters but be sure you compare what each quote includes/excludes and be sure you are paying for an excellent job!

For a quote or more info call Andrew on 0400044236 or email

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