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Can Water Quality Affect Solenoids?

I have a friend who lives in Quinns Rocks and is on a shared bore. In the last year we have replaced 3 solenoid coils on the same valve because they have corroded and become stuck open.

I haven’t seen this happen before, but it seems that the minerals in the water (or perhaps the salt) may be corroding the solenoid piston and causing it to fail.

At the moment I don’t have a suitable solution, but it may be that we need to find a solenoid that does not have any metallic parts. You obviously can’t change coils every few months so there must be a better way to hit the problem.

If you have had any similar problems then I’d love to hear about it





  1. Bronwyn Neal
    December 3, 2013

    Reading about your water quality issue i recently had bore water issues which have unfortuneately blocked or corroded most of my solanoids , i have 18 in total ..not fun to find , dig up and unscrew let me tell you, the issue with my water was it was infected by a strange iron infestation and was treated with a chemical to break down the iron scale that had settled in all parts of my water , rectic lines and solanoids , and the sprinker heads themselves, quite frankly its driving me nuts that i have to unscrew 12 screws on each solaniod just to open it then to find that the diaphram seem to be fine apart from needing a scrub with soapy water to remove rust mud, but the pin inside was rusted and wasn’t moving freely , can i purchase these pins alone or do i have to buy the entire solanoid housing altogether ? please advise

    • brighton
      December 3, 2013

      The pin is one of the few unreplaceable parts in a solenoid. It is part of the housing which means the whole thing needs doing…Rainbird solenoids use a different system so they may be worth a look.

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