Brighton Reticulation

Control Box Problems

Every now and then you hit puzzling jobs. Today was one of those.

Yesterday I tested the retic, set the control and box and left with everything working well. Then just as I had got home the phone rang and it was the person who I had just worked for.

Their retic no longer worked…

What had happened in the 2 hours in between?…

Well… a bobcat had come thu and made a mess of one solenoid, but now the station that did work no longer worked. Strange…

I got there today to test things. The most obvious check is to test for power at the solenoids. I did that and we had it, then we didn’t, then we did again… and so on.

I suspected a broken wire because the only solenoid that would work was the master. However it too stopped working… So we went to the control  box and tested each terminal for power. One registered voltage and the others were dead.

After looking everywhere for the obvious broken wire (a bobcat had been thru so anything could have happened) we ended up coming back to testing the control box and discovering that it was the issue. We replaced the control nox and everything worked.

Bizarre… nothing very logical about it, but by a process of deduction we got there. So if you have similar problems it may be your control box.





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