Brighton Reticulation

Converting From Community Bore to Mains in ‘The Green’, Butler

If you live in The Green Estate in Butler then you will probably have experienced the frustration most people do at not being able to control your own reticulation.

You can only run tests at short times on a Saturday morning and no one can service your retic except for the designated company who charge an arm and a leg.

This week I did my first conversion job in that area. I’m surprised I haven’t done more as I know the frustration people feel. This one was a direct change over which involved:

  • a cut in by a plumber
  • a new controller to replace the existing ‘locked’ version
  • re-routing pipe and wiring to suit

Its all done now and working perfectly.

You can also have the option of running the two systems side by side with manual valves to switch from one to the other, so that if your bore goes down (as has happened) then you simply switch to mains and keep watering your lawn. Or if you wish to give your lawn more water than the 20 minutes you get from the bore then you can DIY and ensure your lawn stays green.

The run times for MP rotators can be seen below and generally speaking you need to allow close to an hour to apply 10mls of water rather than just 20 minutes.

If you’d like a quote on either changing to mains supply water or making your retic a dual system then give me a call on 0400044236

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