Brighton Reticulation

Fixing a Leaky Solenoid

If you have a station that stays running then you have a leaky solenoid. Simple as that.

You can fix it by removing the whole solenoid and replacing it, or if you are lucky you may just be able to unscrew the top, take out the ‘guts’ (diaphragm, spring etc) and replace them.

If that’s the case then its a much simpler operation even if it isn’t a whole lot cheaper.

For that reason I try to use ‘jartop’ valves rather than the ‘screwed’ valves as they are much easier to service. With lots of dirt all around its a pain trying to unscrew the screws, not lose them and then get the gasket back in place.

But if you can do a ‘guts exchange’ then its a five minute operation and a whole heap easier.

Just make sure you clear enough space around the valve to minimise the dirt factor and then cut the wires, change the parts over, rejoin the wires and you should be all good



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