Brighton Reticulation

Fixing Up Retic and Turf After Excavation

Ok another post from my own backyard…

We’ve been living in this place for a year now. When we got here the backyard was pretty well trashed so the last year has been spent getting it looking decent.

We had just got there, with retaining walls, done, new turf in, the old turf revived and the veggie patch flourishing.

And then we discovered a soft patch of grass… a soft smelly patch. As I dug down I discovered a leach drain that was full of water. Not good. So it meant that after getting it all looking good we had to rip it all up and start over because there was going to be a huge mess made.

Here are some pics of the mess and the process of cleaning up and getting it looking good again.



Before… just for the memory…


You know its about to get ugly…


Planning where to dig





I had thought of doing this by hand, but they took 7 cubic metres of rubble and grass away and probably filled another 5 back in… That’s a big dig.



The drains go in. Plastic ‘versitank’ style.



Drains complete – 4 hours down… That’s the difference machinery makes. This would have taken me a couple of days.



Filling it all back in.



Levelling and prepping for turf.


And new turf laid where the old was missing…

Now we just need to wait another year for it all to grow back and join up again.

If you have leach drain problems then I can recommend Andy Orford of Orford Plumbing. He was fast, well priced and his digger operator was pretty damn good.

It certainly isn’t rocket science to replace leach drains, but it would be hard work if you didn’t have a decent sized excavator!





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