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Forgotten to Put Conduit Under Your Driveway?

It does happen occasionally…

I am currently trying to help some people find a way to get pipe under an 8 m wide driveway with access from one side only.  It is proving difficult.

With access from both sides you can clear a path, but meet in the middle but with access from just one side it is much more difficult.

I have managed to plunk 5m in, but after that it just gets stuck and with poor water pressure we are struggling to keep the pipe moving. Plunking is normally pretty straight forward but it helps if you have good water pressure and can come at the driveway from both sides.

I explored some options today, one of which was the ‘bullet-mole‘, a piece of steel you smack thru with a sledgehammer. It looks like a great option, but unfortunately it can only go 6m and I need one that can do 8… but it does look like a great option for people who have narrower driveways and are needing to get thru.

The other option seems to be compressed air. I haven’t done this before so I’m reluctant to try it unless I am sure it will work, but it seems this may be where we land up.


  1. Michael
    September 10, 2012

    Plunking 8 metres shouldn’t be too hard providing there isn’t too many rocks…
    You don’t have to use water.
    I have done in excess of 100 plunks at least over the last ten years some of them I think back and wonder how I managed it (under 2 lanes on north lake road coolbellup with 50mm pvc)

    • brighton
      September 10, 2012

      So what was the trick Michael? Happy to learn!

  2. kingsley wilson
    May 20, 2013

    I find keeping the hole dry when plunking much easier than wet cut the pipe end on a angle and as you plunk twist pipe.
    Good. Luck

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