Brighton Reticulation

Getting a Bore

Having moved into a place with no reticulation, we decided that this time around we would fork out the $$ for a bore, figuring we will be here a while so it will eventually pay for itself. I’m thinking that as water becomes more expensive it will also be a valuable capital investment.


After getting 3 quotes we have decided on the person we want to install the bore. The decision was based on quality of product, confidence in the person and price. We were impressed with another operator who had a great sales pitch, but it was going to cost $4400.00 instead of $3300.00 – quite a difference and we couldn’t see the need to spend that much extra.


If you want to know how your house is situated for a bore then go to the Perth Groundwater Atlas and zoom in on your home. You will be able to determine how deep you need to go to find water as well as some other data. This is the info drillers use to formulate quotes. A site visit is more to determine location of bore, control box etc.


These days bores are not huge ugly wells with large round covers, but are small and virtually unnoticeable. I’ll let you know how we go with the bore as it happens.

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