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Getting a Cut in to the Mains for Reticulation

Before you can begin any pipework you need to have a licensed plumber come and cut into your main water line. What happens here is that the plumber digs down to the copper pipe within approx 1 metre of the water meter and then cuts the line.

He inserts a copper tee and then brazes it back together. From there a copper fitting  is added that can receive a ball valve and dual check valve. The dual check valves are now a requirement in WA and add a bit to the cost. You can expect to pay between $165 and $200 for a reticulation cut in.

Once this is done the master valve can be attached and then you’re away!

If you find you cannot do a cut in to the mains near the water meter then a second option is to cut in near the tap. Dig down, find the 20ml pipe and use it rather than the 15ml that runs to the tap. The pressure difference is significant and will make a difference to your final result.

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  1. Grant
    June 20, 2012

    Hi Andrew

    Thanks for your help with the plumber (Andy) he is by the far the nicest plumber I have spoken to and cost effective. I appreciate all the effort oyu have put into this site and found it most helpful.

    Have a great weekend.

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