Brighton Reticulation

Getting a Reticulation Watering Exemption for New Turf

Call 131039 and talk to the nice lady!


She will ask you several questions:
• The address of the property;

• Your name, mobile, home telephone details and email address;

• If you are using a garden bore;

• The nature and location of the new planting (ie: front/back, garden/lawn);

• The date from which the exemption is requested to commence; and

• The name of the person responsible for watering the property

You can generally get an exemption for 35 days and you can water your lawn before 9am, at midday and 3pm, but you are only allowed to deliver a total of 10ml over the day, which means the stations can be on for just 3-4 mins.

If you see your lawn looking dry then don’t be afraid to hand water it. Failing to get an exemption or watering out of the right hours can cost you between $100.00 and $500.00.

For help or advice with these issues or to adjust your reticulation call Andrew on 0400044236 or email

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