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Laying turf isn’t particularly difficult so long as you have the right tools and are prepared to work hard.

The process involves

a) Excavation – work out how thick the turf is, how much good soil you want to import and then excavate to that depth.

b) Soil preparation – The better the base you lay turf on, the more chance it has of doing well. A bed of beachsand is obviously not ideal, but a thick layer of landscape mix will be ideal.

c) Screed & Level – There are many ways to do this, but what matters is getting the surface as level as possible. You can use a professional soil leveller, a set of brick paver screeds or just a rake

d) Fertiliser and Water Crystals – dynamic lifter, chook poo, or any other kind of fertiliser that will give the lawn a start is essential. The water crystals will obviously hold the moisture which is ideal in a sandy area like Perth.

e) Water it – moisten the soil before laying

f) Lay It – There is no right way to do this, but personally I like to use full rolls for all of the edges and borders and only cut in where I have to. Simply fill the area with turf and use as few small cuts as possible.

g) Cut in – a good steak knife will see you right here. Cut around sprinklers and paving.

h) Compact – use a professional plate compactor for best results and go over it once especially along the joins. It should look great once you have done this.

i) Water it – immediately and then 3 times a day for about a month. Check the allowance with the water corp to be safe. but seriously – the only way you can stuff it up is by not watering it!

I realise I just made that sound very easy – and in one sense it is. There is a difference though between laying turf and throwing it down. As with all jobs like this preparation is 90% of the success.

And did I mention to water it?…

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