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How Can I Improve My Retic System?

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All of us are aware of the need to have an effective and waterwise reticulation system. But that doesn’t just happen. It requires planning and sometimes modifications to your irrigation set up.

It may also be that your irrigation controller needs reprogramming for optimal watering efficiency.


Some common problems that you may experience include:

  • Water wastage – from overspray, wind affected spray or excess run off.
  • Poor coverage – as a rule sprinklers should spray ‘head to head’. That means each sprinklers spray should reach to the one next to it. If your sprinklers are spaced too far apart they will not reach and you will get dead patches in your lawn.
  • Incorrectly set controller times – The Water Authority want you to save water and that is good, but different types of sprinklers require different watering times. Check this post for detailed info. I have seen lawns almost die because people have set sprinklers to run for 10 minutes when they should have been on for 30.
  • Leaks – if your system has any leaks it will affect the pressure in other areas. All leaks need to be repaired for maximal efficiency.

All of these problems are solvable and just require rethinking how the system is constructed. Our policy is to never skimp on sprinklers or risk overloading a station as this will end up in more work in the long term.

If you’re doing a DIY then be sure to calculate your water flow rates before beginning, use quality sprinklers and use more rather than fewer to ensure the job is done well.

Of if you need any of these problems solving just give us a call on 0400044236.


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