Brighton Reticulation

How Do I Know How Many Stations I Have on My Reticulation?


The easiest way to answer this is to go to your control box and see how many wires are connected to the station terminals. Here’s how to do it.

When you open the panel on the control box you will see various terminals.

C = Common wire (usually black)

M or P = Master valve or Pump

1-x = Station Terminals – On a 6 station box you will have 6 of these. If you have wires going to 3 of them then you have 3 stations. If you have wires going to 4 of them then you have 4 stations.

On occasions you may have 2 wires going to the one terminal. This is where two solenoids have been wired together. They function as one station but are actually two separate solenoids.

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