Brighton Reticulation

How Does My Miniscape Reticulation Work?


If you are using miniscape / netafim sub-surface irrigation then you need to know the following:

a) The pipe (brown stuff) should be laid at correct spacing – for example some miniscape is rated at 30cm intervals and it needs to be laid accordingly.

b) It needs to run for around an hour to apply the correct amount of water.

c) The picture above is of the line flushing valve. When you turn the system on this will release water for around 30 seconds. It can look like your retic is ‘leaking’ but its not. Its normal.

d) You shouldn’t have more than an 8m run of brown pipe before it plugs back into the poly. You will lose too much pressure otherwise.

e) You should have a vacuum valve at the higest point of the system

f) You can also add filters to ensure the water is free from contaminants



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