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How Long Should My Sprinklers Be on For?


This is not what you want your lawn to look like!

Currently the Water Authority is advertising on TV that sprinklers should be on for 10 minutes per station, which is somewhat misleading. I had a client recently send me this photo of her new lawn saying she is struggling to keep it alive on the Water Authority’s recommendations.

I’m not surprised. She has Toro Precision nozzles which need to run for 30 minutes each time operate to apply 10mls.

So here’s the deal…

Sprinkler run times depend on the types of sprinklers used.


The goal is to get 10ml of water to your lawn/garden each time they operate so different nozzles will require different run times. For example regular pop-ups can be run for around 12-15 minutes to apply 10mls.

Toro precision nozzles need to be left on for around 30 mins to get the same result. Then there are the MP Rotators which need 45-60 mins to deliver 10mls.

There are specs for each type of sprinkler available from the manufacturers or your retic guy can help you make sense of it. Here’s an example of how to find the answer. The chart shows that PGP needs to be on for 60 mins to apply 10ml.

The important thing is to remember that not all sprinklers deliver water at the same rate. If you aren’t sure then just give me a call.

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