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How To Fix a Sprinkler

Firstly we need to determine what kind of sprinkler it is and what is actually broken – a standard pop-up, a gear drive or some other kind.

Here’s a brief summary of the most common problems you can expect to encounter and their solution:

a) It doesn’t spray – in this case the nozzle is most likely blocked. If you unscrew it then you take it to your local retic shop and buy a replacement.

b) It Gets Stuck – if the sprinkler doesn’t come all the way up then its likely its just old and sticky. Replace the whole sprinkler. Unscrew it and then check what size it is. Take it to the shop and get a replacement.

c) It Lacks pressure – chances are the riser at the base is broken. if it also spews water out at the base then this is the most likely problem. Unscrew it and remove the riser and replace it with a new riser.

d) It Still Lacks Pressure – check for a broken pipe somewhere

e) It is too low – clear the area around it and unscrew it. Then remove the riser and get a larger riser. Put it back in.

f) It leaks – chances are the seal is old and broken. You will need to replace it.

There is only so much that can go wrong so hopefully this covers the basics.

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