Brighton Reticulation

In My Own Backyard – Ok So It Isn’t Pretty

Because I spend my life fixing other people’s reticulation and laying turf its hard to come home and get motivated to put on the boots and start on my own home.

However recently we moved to a new place in ‘old Yanchep’ where there is no reticulation and plenty of work to be done to get the property landscaped. The rear area especially is a mess and in need of a lot of work while the front could do with some freshening up.

I thought it would be interesting to track my own progress with taking our backyard from ‘wasteland’ to ‘oasis’, so if you’re interested in watching a (slow) transformation take place then you might like to follow this series of posts.

It all started about a month ago when I wandered out in the yard to pull up some weeds. It was very overgrown and messy and with spring around the corner I could see the weeds a) seeding and giving us more trouble b) being a great hiding place for snakes.

Half of the backyard with the rubbish and rubble before we moved the chook pen and at the start of constructing the retaining wall

I wasn’t quite ready to ‘attack the whole backyard’  but once I got started on the weeds I realised I had started something that needed finishing. With winter being the quiet time for retic and turf I have been using my time to get some of the bigger projects done around home and this has been the progress so far

a) clear the weeds and make some work possible

b) build retaining walls

c) move the chook pen


The old chook pen and the mess that is currently the backyard

Still to come are:

d) more retaining to be erected / fixed

e) bobcat to clear, cut and fill

f) a bore sunk and reticulation installed

g) turf laid and gardens created


Chook pen moved


The lower wall and new chook pen

Starting on the upper wall

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