Brighton Reticulation

Laying Turf Well… Laying Turf Badly…

Yep – you can really stuff it up if you don’t know what you are doing!

As with all jobs of this kind preparation is everything – after that its ‘green side up’… or so you’d think…

But we have seen jobs where the landscaper obviously under-ordered on turf and just left a 100mm strip down the side of the yard. Or this one where rather than butting the edges up hard he just filled the gaps with soil.


The turf will grow across, but its not what you want to see. A good lawn should be fit for walking on right from day one.

So the keys to good preparation?

  1. Clearing the site and killing off any old lawn
  2. Spreading good soil, even digging in some bentonite or similar if possible. We normally use at least 40mm of soil.
  3. Screeding – and levelling. This can take a while, but its the key to what comes next.
  4. Fertilising and watering  – this gets the ground ready for lawn especially in a hotter climate.
  5. Laying the lawn and butting the joints up next to one another.
  6. Compacting – there is some debate over this step, but I particularly like to use the compactor on wintergreen turf as it can look tatty when first laid and a good ‘whack’ makes it look so much better.

Here are some pics of us laying our own backyard.


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