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Low Maintenance Turf?

One of the questions I often get asked is ‘what is the cheapest and lowest maintenance turf available?’

The ‘cheapest turf’ is easy. That is almost always wintergreen, a couch lawn that can still look very good if looked after, but the question of ‘lowest maintenance’ is a little more vexed.

If you want a lawn that looks great with minimal water, weeding, mowing and fertilising then what you actually want is paving or limestone! It just doesn’t exist.

For a lawn to look great more than 2 months after it is laid it needs adequate water, suitable mowing, fertilising at the right time and spraying for weeds and beetles. If you don’t want to do any of these things then your lawn will show it and will slowly die or become weed infested.

I always recommend getting a good lawnmower bloke who will take care of the mowing, weeding and fertilising. After than you just need to make sure it is getting adequate water.

So there really is no ‘low maintenance turf’ especially in a hot dry climate like Perth’s, but with a little care any lawn can actually look good.

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