Brighton Reticulation

My Most Common Fix


If I had to name the most common ‘fix’ I do over summer it would be replacing the risers on sprinklers that have been driven over. It happens all the time!

If you discover that your system seems to have lost some pressure on a station then look for 1 or more sprinklers with water pooling around them. The most likely place you will find these sprinklers is by the kerb as typically cars drive over them and the pressure snaps the small black poly riser that joins the sprinkler to the PVC pipe.

Unless you have a ‘riser removal tool’ you won’t be able to fix this on your own. So either give me a call or duck down to your local retic store and get one of these tools and a new riser. Be sure to check the size of riser before going as it may be longer that the standard 15mm x 25mm.



Once you’ve removed the old riser you can install the new sprinkler and riser. Be sure to flush out any sand and rubbish before inserting the nozzle otherwise you will be making another trip to the store for a new nozzle.



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