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My Sprinklers have Lost Pressure

Broken Sprinkler repair perth

A common service call is for sprinklers that have lost pressure. Sometimes the answer is easily detectable and other times its less clear.

Some checks to do:

  1. Is it just one station or all of them? If its all of them then your master valve is most likely the problem.
  2. If its just one station can you see any puddles of water that indicate a leak? Another test is to locate the sprinklers and see if any of them are broken at the base or if any nozzles have dislodged.
  3. The third option is that the sprinklers are old, sticky and the nozzles blocked, giving an appearance of low pressure.
  4. The final possibility is that the solenoid valve has seized and is restricting flow.

Its just a matter of eliminating the simple options first and then going to the more complex.



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