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When Sprinklers Just Don’t Work Any More

I was at a job today where sprinklers that had once performed well were now not popping up at all and we were trying to determine why the water pressure had decreased so markedly.

The water meter had been tested, so we were able to rule out that possibility immediately.

The next most obvious fault was going to be a broken riser or a broken pipe somewhere, but there was nothing visible and it seemed it was going to be almost impossible to find the problem.

I let the client know that I really didn’t have a guaranteed solution, but my hunch was that because they were the original sprinklers (now 10 years old) the springs may have got tired, the seals may be leaking (some of them were pooling water) and they might just be past their use by date.

We tested what happened when 3 of 7 sprinklers were changed. There was instant success, so we replaced them all and now the system works well.

Old age takes its toll on sprinklers!

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