Brighton Reticulation

Remote Control Reticulation


Of course your control box operates automatically, but on a larger property / golf course it is really valuable to have a remote control to operate the reticulation while you walk around and service it.


At around $1500.00 just to purchase the unit these might be considered something of a luxury, but you only have to spend a few hours on your own walking around a large property checking, fixing and re-checking to realise that in time they will actually save you some money


I was doing a job today at a large apartment complex in Osborne Park and discovered they have a Hunter ICR  remote control set up.  Unfortunately they didn’t have any instructions and I had never used it before so I ended up doing a heap of walking and time wasting.


I have downloaded the product manual for next time I am there, which will save me time and the owner money. It is a large amount of money to spend, but in time it will come back to you simply in the time savings for retic contractors.

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