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Reticulation Controller for the Tap?


Reticulation off the tap can be done, but always with significantly less pressure than off the mains. If you are going this route then it makes sense to get both a ‘double adaptor’ for your tap and a good quality digital controller that will allow the reticulation to function as if it were off the mains.

Personally I favour the Holman controllers as they are cheaper, easily programmable and haven’t let me down yet.  You can also use a Galcon but these tend to be a little more expensive for the same functionality.

Either way they are battery powered and you can get a year out of a good set of batteries before needing to change things over.



With either controller you can add a ‘two way alternating valve’ that will allow you to run two stations off the one tap controller. You simply screw on the alternating valve and then set two start times on the controller. For example set start 1 at 5.00am and start 2 at 5.15am. Each time a new start kicks in the valve adjust to allow water flow through a different pipe

That’s the basic set up and the rest is plumbing!

If I had one tip for people setting up tap irrigation it would be to use plumbing tape and heaps of it and check your seals as you go. There is nothing worse than discovering a small leak in the first join after you have put it all together!

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