Brighton Reticulation

Reticulation Warranties

So what’s a reasonable warranty on a reticulation installation. With some operators the minute they leave the retic is your problem and that is not what you want.

We believe our warranties are the best you will find.

  • On control boxes we give 5 years. If the box fails in that time just give us a call and we will replace it at no cost to you whatsoever. Some people will charge a labour fee as they believe that if just the box is faulty they should not be responsible. We have chosen to use Rainmaster control boxes and we will not charge you if our decision proves faulty.
  • On solenoids the normal is 1 year but we give a 5 year warranty on solenoids. If your solenoid fails at any time in that period then just call us and we will be there to fix it up or change it over.
  • Sprinklers are subject to wear and tear and require some level of owner maintenance, but we believe that even with complete neglect, the quality Toro sprinklers we use will last 12 months so that is the warranty we give on them. This covers them failing to pop-up or retract or the seals to break.
  • Nozzles are the trickier one. While we flush all lines while onsite we cannot control what is in your water supply. If you have sand/grit or dirt in your water and your nozzles get blocked then we cannot cover that one. We do give 3 months coverage on nozzles but beyond that we cannot promise what will happen.

Obviously we do not warrant equipment against physical damage by a third party and warranties on controllers will not apply if the door to the control box is left open and it gets water damaged.

At the end of the day we will do our best to make sure you are looked after with the highest level of service possible.




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