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Toro Precision Nozzles

About a year ago Toro came up with a new nozzle that has a variety of applications.


It is called the precision nozzle and its big advantage is that it allows about a 1/3 reduction in the amount of water needed to achieve the same result with conventional nozzles. I like it and use it often, especially when I know conventional nozzles aren’t going to be able to perform.

It means you can:


– put more sprinklers on one station


– improve the spraying capacity of an existing system that is under-performing


You do need to be sure to leave them running a bit longer than usual as they distribute water more slowly, so 20 minutes is about the time to give them


The spiel from Toro says this:

The Precision Series Spray Nozzles (PN) save water by:
• H2O Chip technology – each PN creates one or more high frequency oscillating streams to achieve desired arc and radius. This method of projecting water to the desired radius allows about a 1/3 reduction in the amount of water required to reach that radius.
• PN delivers higher distribution uniformity whilst delivering lower precipitation rates. This enables the irrigator to save water as a result of reduced watering run times.
• Less sensitivity to high pressures. The H2O chip develops uniform droplet size. This ensures even irrigation and greater wind resistance.
• Housing is single molded piece. Top half of the nozzle can’t separate from the bottom half, therefore no chance of a small geyser and no wasted water

You can download the nozzle brochure here.

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