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Transforming a Backyard in Yanchep

This is a little place in Yanchep where the owner has been doing a full renovation. The backyard was a complete mess, so he called us in to give it a real shake up. Here are the progress pics that show the difference that can be made in just two days.

IMG_7984 2

As you can see it was weed and sand with an old asbestos fence and a red brick wall… So we got a bobcat in to remove the weeds and the top layer of sand


Once the dirt has been taken out its time to bring in some good quality soil


The lawn mix is spread to around 40-50ml all over. And then its time to dig some trenches for the retic. The trencher makes light work of these!



The retic gets installed and then fertiliser spread then we screed and get the area perfectly level. The sprinklers run for a few minutes to damp the soil before laying the turf.


Today its slabs of Sir Walter Buffalo being laid – around 100m.


Then the lawn gets laid…


Tip – Always use the largest pieces on the edges wherever possible.


Once its down we compact it and it pulls all together nicely.


To ensure the lawn is well watered correct sprinkler placement is essential – on the perimeter spraying inwards with centre sprinklers where needed. Never simply run a line of sprinklers ‘down the middle’.


Every lawn needs a dog! I took Lucy with me on this job and it gets her stamp of approval.


If you’d like to transform your backyard then just give me a call! 0400044236

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