Brighton Reticulation

Turf Prices Rising

I was chatting with another landscaper today who informed me that turf prices are on the rise and quite significantly. Our most regular supplier is increasing prices across the board by $2.00/sqm as from September 1st.


Orders placed before September 1st will be held at current prices, but from there on we can expect a rather dramatic rise in cost. I rang to find out why and apparently its because they aren’t making enough money at the current rates.

I’m a little stunned at the rather huge increase in cost price and not happy at having to pass it on to our customers. Unfortunately the only advice I can offer is to call before September 1st if you are planning on getting some work done.

Wherever possible we will be seeking suppliers who can deliver a quality product at a competitive price so if we can find cheaper suppliers who still do a quality product then we will be making that our first option.




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