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Unknown Error Message on Holman 1248 Controller

I was doing a backyard install yesterday on a home in Carramar where the developers had used a 6 station Holman 1248 Control Box. Everything was looking sweet but each time I tested the new stations (5 & 6) an error message would appear on the display. It said ‘error 2 station 3’ and the ‘fuse’ message was flashing.

So the puzzle was that:

a) I hadn’t messed with station 3 so it should have been ok

b) The controller fuse was intact

c) I got the message intermittently and there was no consistency to it. Sometimes it would stop the whole cycle of watering and other times it would appear once the cycle was completed

I immediately figured it would have been the station 3 coil as it seemed to be the only logical reason.  I tested a different controller (The Rainmaster 469) and didn’t have any problems with station 3. The Rainmaster 469s will blow a fuse if the coil is faulty. It didn’t blow…

So I ended up ringing Holman in Osborne Park to ask them. The technician in the office didn’t know the solution, but put me onto the bloke who did know.

‘Ah yes – that’d be the adjustable fuse setting that is showing that message’ he said.

‘The what?…’

It turns out the control box allows you to adjust the amperage setting of the fuse (I don’t know why) and that it was obviously having a meltdown and in need of changing.

I had left the job by that stage and passed on the info to the homeowner who was able to make the changes themself.  I guess the moral of the story is that unless you need a complicated controller with a whole array of functions it may be better to stick with a simple one where the faults will be obvious.

The manual for the 1248 is here should you need it (but it doesn’t mention the error I just explained!)

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