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Velvetene Turf

If I had to pick my favourite turf these days, then it would be velvetene. This is a soft, couch variety that has a stunning appearance and a great feel under foot.

It is described as:

” a luxuriously textured soft leaf lawn, a stunning bright pea green colour with an attractive shiny leaf to give that ‘Wow factor’. Developed as a superior soft leaf lawn for Australia’s harsh climate and varied soil conditions, this environmentally friendly grass can be watered with poor, low quality or recycled water.  Velvetene™ is a highly salt tolerant halophyte turf grass with a soft formal looking surface, retaining year-round colour.”

The turf you see in the picture above is a velvetene job. I laid this one in January and shortly after laying it had the people across the road ring and ask if they could have one too. It really does look great!

Velvetene is especially popular in salty/beach areas and it has a high tolerance to salt. It has a rich deep green colour and is especially popular for families with small children.

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You can visit the velvetene website here.

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