Brighton Reticulation

Water Conservation and Reticulation

A regular request is for us to create  a system that does not have any water spraying onto the path/road etc.


This is pretty tricky in lawn areas but much easier in garden beds.  In lawn areas the sprays span significant distances and while we do our best to avoid overspray it is important to have a little to allow for shifts in wind direction. Obviously its crazy to have water spraying directly on the road, but a little overspray is considered acceptable.


In garden beds it is easier to prevent this as miniscape and staked adjustable drippers allow for very specific watering.  Miniscape is the subsoil drip system that is placed under mulch and releases water very slowly to the desired areas. If you aren’t a fan of miniscape (and many people aren’t) then you may prefer the staked adjustable drippers.



The drippers are attached to flexible 4ml tubing and plugged into the main 19ml poly line. In general you can have up to 70 drippers on one line and still be effective.


Personally I like drippers better than miniscape, as it is easier to see how they are working, but the cost is not significantly different if that is the main issue for you.


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