Brighton Reticulation

Watering Days for Spring in Perth WA

Ok, so its September 1st and you can officially turn your sprinklers back on.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to water twice a week and if there are still rainy periods then every drop we save is valuable. If you are unsure of your watering days then you can find them below.

You set your days by using the final number of your street address eg 57 = 7 Your two watering days are listed as well as the extra day that bore users can have.
1 Wed & Sat  bore = Mon

2 Thur & Sun bore = Tue

3 Fri & Mon bore = Wed

4 Sat & Tue bore = thurs

5 Sun & Wed bore = Fri

6 Mon & Thur bore = Sat

7 Tue & Fri bore = Sun

8 Wed & Sat Bore = Mon

9 Thur   & Sun bore = Tue

0 Fri & Mon bore = Wed


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