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What Causes Irrigation Controllers to Fail?


So you went to check out your control box and it has no digital display?

That’s a fair sign its dead… or maybe you haven’t switched it on at the plug if its plugged in…

Assuming its not a faulty RCD and that there is power to the controller, the most common reasons for failure are:

  • Exposure to weather – sun and rain will weather the digital panel and void any warranties. The panels on most controllers are not UV stabilised so they will change colour if the door is left open and exposed to the elements. The one in the image above shows some discoloration.
  • Power surge – an electrical surge can damage your controller, but we would only know if this had happened by removing the panel and checking for any evidence of it on the circuit board. This can be claimed under home insurance.
  • Old age – everything dies eventually. I generally tell people that if you get 5-10 years out of any appliance then you have done well.

If you walk out to find no display on your controller be sure to call us and we will get there quickly to sort it out.

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