Brighton Reticulation

Where to Buy Sprinklers in Perth?


If you are looking to do some DIY retic then its hard to go past Total Eden as the best supplier of reticulation parts in WA.

I buy solely from them and appreciate both the excellent prices and service their staff give. They will also draw you a plan for your reticulation and talk you through how to use their various products.

If you are unsure of how to do something then call them or drop in and they will give you excellent advice for free.

I regularly find myself advising people to go here rather than Bunnings as the average lifespan of a Toro or Rainmaster sprinkler is much greater than a Bunnings special. You get what you pay for!

My local Total Eden store is Joondalup, but they are located all over the metro area and in some country towns. Click here for locations.

For help with any of these issues call Andrew on 0400044236 or email


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